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Center for Insurance Policy and Research

The Center for Insurance Policy and Research provides data and education to drive discussion and advance understanding of insurance issues among policymakers, insurance commissioners and other regulators, industry leaders, and academia. It conducts research and provides analysis on important insurance issues. Through this work, the Center drives dialogue and action on today’s insurance issues.

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State Resiliency Map

Learn what disaster resilience information is available on each state and territory's insurance department website.


Jordan AlZubi
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Eryn Campbell
Research Library Manager

Jeff Czajkowski
Director, CIPR

Kelly Edmiston
Policy Research Manager

Lisa Groshong
Communications Research Scientist

Paula Harms
Senior Research Analyst

Stacey Mitchell
Research Librarian II

Connie Roland
Research Librarian II



1100 Walnut Street Suite 1500 Kansas City, MO 64106 United States

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